SlideShow Agile Dashboard Builder
SlideShow Agile Dashboard Builder

Agile Dashboard Builder

Automatically generate user-friendly and visually rich dashboards for your Pentaho Deployments without the need of any code.


Advanced Analysis Services (ADANS)

Advanced Analysis Services is a Business Intelligence (BI) tool to let users analyze OLAP sources like Pentaho, Mondrian, Microsoft Analysis Services (MSAS) or Hyperion, in an intuitive way, based on analysis templates like Paretto, Ranking and Boston Consulting Group.

Matrix BI

Matrix BI is a company dedicated to the development and consulting of Open Source based solutions, integrating processes and Business Intelligence technologies. Their solutions cover the use and application of the best and most used Open Source Frameworks, creating high quality products for management, control and analysis of information, supporting the decision making process.

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AdAnS Advanced Analysis Services